Since its establishment in 2007, JaRco has been providing technical support in the areas of monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL), and data collection of development and humanitarian programming. We are dedicated to improving evidence-based interventions and programs for the well-being of individuals and communities and hold a particular focus on the most vulnerable in Ethiopia and throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

JaRco has a team of dynamic technical experts and researchers who bring extensive knowledge along with international and local experience. Our team has a long-standing experience in high quality evaluations which aim to generate evidence to support our clients in the decision-making process. Our research practitioners are dedicated to developing the key insights required to make astute business and programmatic decisions.

What we do


 We have experience working in all of Ethiopia’s regions and chartered city administrations. Additionally, we have conducted studies in other African countries, including Cameroon, Djibouti, Gambia, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Senegal, Somaliland, Tanzania, and Zambia.

















Our Capabilities

Our Expertise
JaRco has strong qualifications and experience in coordinating, conducting and administering a diverse range of small- and large-scale studies, including nationwide anthropometric measurement validation survey. Our experience often leads us to work closely alongside other international firms, as well as with Ethiopian Government departments. Many of our assessments and surveys conclude with validation workshops, in which we deliver comprehensive plans for dissemination, on-going implementation and scaling up.
Our Technical Capacity
JaRco Consulting has the capacity to conduct comprehensive surveys across all regions of Ethiopia as well as internationally (Somaliland, Tanzania and Senegal). In a recent survey conducted for UNICEF, we coordinated teams simultaneously throughout six regions of Ethiopia (Afar, Amhara, Oromia, SNNP, Somali and Tigray regions), in a total of 480 kebeles, to gather household-level data on selected health indicators such as MUAC (middle/upper-arm circumference) as well as other anthropometric measurements. A total of 11,000 households were interviewed as well as 480 qualitative interviews – focus-group discussions and key-informant interviews – were held across the study area.
Our Facilities and Equipment’
JaRco has built a strong infrastructure that supports the implementation of multiple, simultaneous projects. Our office is located in the Old Airport neighborhood of Addis Ababa, and houses 30+ national and international staff. We have high-speed internet, a generator to provide a regular power supply, and a dedicated server to host data from the field. We also own over 270 PDAs and over 100 GPS devices for taking GPS coordinates. Additionally, JaRco can provide 4×4 Land Cruisers and licensed drivers who have extensive experience driving in rugged terrain and remote locations. This ensures that all field staff will have quality and safe transport.
Our Data Quality Assurance
JaRco Consulting takes data quality seriously. From project inception, our program team ensure that tools are designed effectively, are pre-tested, are translated and back-translated with utmost care. JaRco’s supervisors have extensive experience in data checking both paper- and PDA/smart phone-captured data while in the field. Supervisors of enumerator teams are given tailor-made training for each project in conducting spot checks, performing back-checking, checking skip patterns and investigating errors.
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We meet our commitments by establishing specific timelines and benchmarks, ensuring that timely, high-quality deliverables are provided to our clients. We aim to foster an environment which champions ongoing improvement and enhancement of quality. We strive for innovation, providing state-of-the-art technical support and a commitment to achieving excellence in every part of our work.
The cornerstone of JaRco’s core values is integrity: we work with honesty and transparency and promote mutual respect and trust. We provide leadership in the field of technical-assistance consultancy, and maintain our growing reputation by upholding the highest technical and ethical standards. We are committed to dealing fairly and impartially with all our partner agencies, governments and communities.
Respect for, and understanding of, the communities in which we work is paramount. We ensure that all of our employees and sub-contractees have a deep knowledge of local cultures, customs and languages. We also hold high regard for the environment, reducing wastage where possible and minimizing our carbon footprint.
JaRco welcomes people of diverse backgrounds and experience, knowing that the strongest work comes from the fusion of various perspectives. We believe in the inherent value of people, and we treat our team members, clients and partners with respect and sensitivity.
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Our Mission

To provide the best technical assistance to local and international development initiatives in Ethiopia and Africa, enabling our clients to implement their programs more effectively and efficiently.

Our Vision

To be a center of excellence for the provision of innovative solutions and cutting-edge approaches that strengthen the work of our partners and improve people’s lives.

Our Goal

To generate high-quality evidence-based research and fill knowledge gaps which are crucial in making programmatic decisions that impact the lives of vulnerable populations.

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