JaRco is strategically positioned with years of experience collecting data in Africa, often in a context where information is difficult to obtain. We engage in quantitative and qualitative data collection to support development and humanitarian programming and interventions for the well-being of individuals and communities, with particular focus on the most vulnerable. We apply a pragmatic and evidence-based approach to ensure that our clients can utilize our findings and make positive impacts in their respective fields.


Conducting large scale socio-economic data collection for sector specific and integrated projects is our core activity. We have the capacity to conduct simultaneous large-scale surveys across all regions of Ethiopia and internationally. The strength of JaRco’s programmatic and support units allow us to deploy multiple teams of supervisors and enumerators at short notice.


JaRco’s organizational scope is wide-ranging due to our extensive in-house expertise. Our team of experts utilize evidence-based rigorous field research methods including key informant interviews (KIIs), in-depth interviews (IDIs), focus group discussions (FGDs), and other participatory methods. In addition to the expertise offered by our staff, our extensive database of local and international expert consultants allows us to maintain an international level of quality and local understanding of context in our deliverables to clients.


The spread of COVID-19 brought unprecedented health and economic challenges throughout the world, and notably for the most vulnerable and marginalized groups. In response to this crisis, JaRco expanded its services to include phone-based remote data collection and continued to provide evidence-based information to support its partners and clients in implementing various interventions.

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